CBSE Sample Papers for X & XII

CBSE Sample Papers for X & XII

Sample papers are the best tools to evaluate student's performance before he/she goes to actual battlefield of examination. The CBSE sample papers are designed according to the content wise marks allocation scheme of CBSE.
These can help to find out the area of syllabus which require more preparation.

The best technique is to solve the sample papers in the prescribed time to judge the time management and speed. The advantages of solving sample papers are :

  1. Sample papers help in time management. Due to bad time management students are unable to complete the paper. Students must try to solve the sample papers in the given time interval. If enough practice is done before the examination, the nervousness in examination hall also reduces.

  2. They give the general idea of marking scheme. These are designed according to the latest marking scheme issued by CBSE. This helps to identify the section of syllabus on which more attention should be given. Also, students get the feel of the pattern of questions asked in board exams.

  3. They help in finding the areas of weakness of students. After finding the areas of weakness, students can concentrate on that portion of syllabus. While undergoing the whole course content topic-wise, it is not possible to find out areas of weakness. Sample papers give a comprehensive idea of the question paper and highlight our weak areas. You can give special stress to your weak points and re-test your performance by solving different sample papers.

  4. Usually students loose self confidence and depress while sitting in the examination hall. Examination phobia makes most of them uneasy. But students who practice enough by solving sample papers, certainly overcome all these fears and difficulties easily.

  5. Time bound writing skill is very important for students. The students must be able to complete the paper in the allocated time. The speed increases with enough practice. The answers should be according to the marks allocated for them. For a 1 marks question, the answer should not be more than one sentence.Simple writing is completely different from time bound writing for examination. Many times students know a lot of things but for 1 mark question short answer is required. If more time is spent on writing unnecessary things in 1 or 2 marks question, students will not be able to complete the paper in time.

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