Working Hours for KV Teachers Reduced again

As per circular issued by KV Sangathan on 4th March, is was stated that the teachers have to sit in school for 7 hours and 30 minutes as per RTE act 2009 which says that teachers have to work 45 hours a week. BUT within a week KV headquarter has issued a new circular stating that sitting for additional 1 hours and 20 minutes in school, has been made optional and teacher can leave the school after 6 hours and 10 minutes.

The additional one hour and twenty minutes are to be utilized for preparation and other follow up works. The work done during this additional one hour and 20 minutes will be monitored by the principal/Vice-principal/HM.

It is simply a U-turn from back door. Most of the teachers were opposing the move and none of them will prefer to sit in school if sitting there is made optional. On the other hand, almost all the KV teachers have to devote more than the specified time at home for school assignments and follow up works so it is not going to hurt them at all.

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