Who failed in CTET and Why

Central Teacher Eligibility Test is recommended in RTE Act 2009 for all the future teachers who are willing to teach in classes 1-8 (children aged 6 to 14).

The aim of this test is to provide good quality teachers for your tiny tots. The first CTET was conducted in June 2011. Around eight lakh teachers appeared in this test. The result surprised and shaken all of us. Less than three percent teachers managed to qualify this test.

Even after that, it has been more than 3 years; there is no remarkable improvement in CTET results. Even in September 2014, less than three percent candidates passed paper-2 of CTET.

Let’s discuss who failed in CTET and why?

Before we start, I wish to share these facts with you :

  • The government had made it clear in 2011 that no teacher (for class 1 to 8) will be recruited without qualifying CTET or state TET.
  • Only 3% candidates passed CTET exam in 2011. Year 2012, 2013 and 2014 just repeated the history.
  • All the candidates who applied for admission in B.Ed or D.Ed collages in 2011, 2012 and 2013 were well aware of above two facts.

We have thousands of B.Ed and D.Ed (ETE/JBT/BTC) colleges in India, which produces more than 15 lakhs teachers per year.

We have some questions :

  • If all the candidates, who applied for B.Ed/D.Ed knew that CTET is a big hurdle in getting job, were they took it seriously?
  • How many of them were trained for CTET exam while studying in Teacher training Institutes?
  • As the syllabus of B.Ed/D.Ed is almost same as CTET, Why the candidates passed the B.Ed exam but fail in CTET exam?
  • Are B.Ed/D.Ed colleges not distributing degrees like toffees without proper assessment?
  • What steps are taken by NCTE (National Council for Teacher Education) to improve the standard of teacher education after June 2011 CTET result?
  • Is CTET exam very difficult to creck?

Running B.Ed/D.Ed College is a grey business in India. The donation, affiliation, recognition, management seat system, admission over quota, degree at home and many other terms have made the whole system corrupted. If you wish to get a B.Ed degree, simply contact a coaching institute nearby your home, they will confirm your seat without any entrance exam in any college in UP/Haryana and you need to go college for exams only. If you pay more, they will arrange question papers too. Teaching practice certificate or lesson plans will be submitted by them in just 5-10 thousand rupees. Thus you will get your degree in 1 to 1.5 lakhs while sitting at home.

NCTE do not want to wake up, just because ….. (should I write Why …. !). I think, 3 years’ time is more than enough to take some steps towards improvement of the situation BUT NCTE don’t have legs to take steps. This statutory body is not more than a dead body.

 Objective of NCTE (from website) It is not a Joke. Please don’t laugh

The main objective of the NCTE is to achieve planned and coordinated development of the teacher education system throughout the country, the regulation and proper maintenance of Norms and Standards in the teacher education system and for matters connected therewith. The mandate given to the NCTE is very broad and covers the whole gamut of teacher education programmes including research and training of persons for equipping them to teach at pre-primary, primary, secondary and senior secondary stages in schools, and non-formal education, part-time education, adult education and distance (correspondence) education courses.

Now come to the point, who failed in CTET exam?

  • The teacher failed : I don’t think the teacher should be blamed for failing in CTET. He/she is the victim. If the teacher can pass B.Ed entrance exam and B.Ed Degree exam why not CTET exam. Either the previous two exams were not properly assessed or he/she was not prepared for the last exam (CTET). What exactly CTET does? It checks if the teacher is well qualified for teaching or not. If it is so, what the B.Ed degree exam was testing? It means the college/university has issued wrong certificates. Why not such universities and colleges be punished for issuing fake degrees or degrees without proper assessment?
  • The College/University failed: Everyone is trying to make money legally or illegally. The colleges/universities opted both of these. They are part of this great grey business. From local leaders to big politicians, they all have a B.Ed colleges and Deemed to be universities. For them, NCTE is a toy to play with. I think, it is not the teacher but the college who failed to make their candidates qualify CTET.
  • The system failed : The role of NCTE is crucial in this game. It is taking steps with no legs. Even MODI Government not seems willing, to operate it.

A right step towards improvement may broke thousands of legs. Are you ready for it !

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  1. I dont agree with this. CBSE board is into some buisness. I calculated my marks from the answer key given. I have got 90. But the result says 88. The rule of no reevaluation is not valid. Some results have been manipulated. this is very true in my case. How many more have borne the same brunt i dont know. I have attempted three times and on two ocassions i have missed by few marks. I had worked really hard for this. I cant believe i have not passed. Manipulation is a bitter truth.

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