Watch new doors open up for you-Have a flair for foreign languages

 So if you have a keen interest in learning an additional language and a strong command over existing ones you can make a career out of mastering foreign languages.


Popularity or better career prospects in a foreign language are linked with the international and economic ties with a particular country. Aptitude for a language is important while deciding on a language. Universities such as Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University conduct entrance exams at the undergraduate level to gauge the aptitude of potential students.


Certificate, diploma and degree courses are offered by various universities like the Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and Mumbai University. Courses are also available at private institutes such as Max Mueller Bhavan, Alliance Francaise and Instituto Hispania. These focus more on the spoken and written part of the language , while universities focus on literature, linguistics and translations , as well. On the other hand, most private institutes participate in exchange programmes to enhance the understanding of the language.


“With globalization, the avenues for anyone who knows a foreign language are only growing. The industry has opened up and the European Union also offers a lot of opportunities. MNCs also engage in import and export and hence prefer professionals who know an extra language,” said Expert, associate professor, department of German , Mumbai University. Careers in foreign languages can include working as interpreters, at international insurance companies, at consulates, knowledge process outsourcing and multi-national companies.


Professionals in the industry say that the remuneration that follows from learning foreign languages is very promising. “As teachers one can charge between Rs 300 to Rs 1,000 depending on the institute. At private companies or consulates, students can expect to start out at Rs 30,000 every month,” said Expert. Once established, interpreters can charge anywhere between Rs 1000 an hour to Rs 25,000 a day. Working out of home and translating matter can even earn you between 60 paise to Rs 5 per word.

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