Teacher-The Architect of Child’s Language Development

All teachers engaged in the teaching work in general and the language teachers in particular greatly influence the language development of children. This is all the more important at the pre-school and elementary stages. The most important point to be noted is that their form of communication is correct and simple.

The teacher should take the following points into consideration in the language development of children.

  1. As far as possible in the initial stages, teacher’s talk should be based on solid things or chart etc.
  2. He must ensure that his form of communication is simple but correct.
  3. He should speak very clearly.
  4. He should repeat words. Repetition strengthens learning.
  5. He should connect meaning when he uses new words.
  6. He should ask the children to pronounce the words over and over.
  7. For older children, he should provide ample scope to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
  8. He should create settings where language may be used for various purposes.
  9. He should encourage students in creative efforts.
  10. He should not emphasize excessive writing or rote repetition.
  11. He should provide a relaxed environment of free expression of ideas, thoughts and feelings.
  12. He should provide structural and semi-structural setting to express verbal and non-verbal ideas.
  13. He should organize debates, class discussions and displays, etc.
  14. He should help students develop early readings habits.

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