Suggestive Guidelines for Improving Children’s Comprehension


  1. Short sentences should be use.
  2. Whenever a new word is spoken, it must be explained properly.
  3. Facial expressions and gestures may be used to explain words and sentences.
  4. It should be kept in view that the speech children hear daily is correct so that they have a good model to imitate.
  5. Children should be asked to question to make sure that they understand.
  6. Audio-visual aids may be use develop children’s comprehension.
  7. Children should be encouraged to speak in front of adults.
  8. Teachers should be helpful and pleasant when correcting errors.
  9. Children should be encouraged to listen carefully.
  10. The teachers should talk to children about a wide range of interesting topics, partly to encourage listening and partly to add to their general knowledge of things around and talk about them.


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