Semester system at the UG level in DU

Even as teachers of Delhi University (DU) are refusing to quit the antisemester struggle, the DU administration is all set to release the semester schedule. The university has decided the dates for exams in 13 science courses, where the semester system has been implemented. According to the semester schedule, the first-semester exams for undergraduate courses in DU would be conducted from November 16 to December 1.

The semester schedule is being prepared. In a day or two, science students will get the final schedule. Although the administration is preparing the schedule for six other courses, which follow semester system such as BBE, BBS and BlEd, the focus is on the 13 science courses. The arts and commerce courses would continue to follow the annual mode this year.

Speaking to TOI, vicechancellor of DU, Deepak Pental said, ‘‘The focus is on the science courses as we want to assure the students that the exams would be conducted according to the semester mode. The exam schedule will be provided in a few days so that students get about two months to start preparation.’’

However, DUTA continued their anti-semester struggle and organized a symposium on ‘Semester system at the UG level in DU’ at Arts Faculty.

Source : TOI News

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