Score a Success in CBSE Maths and Chemistry

Maths and Chemistry are two dreaded, but very important subjects that need to be mastered in Class X and XII. Here are some tips that will improve your performance at the CBSE board exam and ensure that you score a 100% success.

  • A Separate Folder for Formulae: This is an important step that will make a huge difference to your preparation. Make a list of formulas, chapter wise, for chemistry and maths. Memorise them. It will save a lot of time when you revise and need a point of reference.
  • Stop Worrying and Start Studying: Stop worrying and grumbling about difficulty levels. Instead focus on studying. Finish your course much before the CBSE Board exam.
  • Study Smart: Maths and Chemistry at X level are at a basic level while in XII they are of higher level. Study smartly and you can make a big difference to your score. Know how each chapter will be marked; give importance accordingly. In Maths, Algebra carries the most mark, so knowing those chapters like the back of your hand will make all the difference to your CBSE class X exam.
  • Do Away with Doubts: Any doubts or clarifications that arise should be cleared as soon as they crop up. Make a separate list. Go to your teacher ASAP. Both are scoring subjects and clearing doubts will improve your score.
  • Attempt Previous Years Papers: An often repeated phrase, but, the most effective. Attempt as many NCERT and CBSE maths and chemistry paper sets as you can. But, remember to attempt all the papers in allotted times and as neatly as you can. Running out of time and untidiness can both cause loss of marks during the CBSE class XII exams.
  • Revise, Revise & Revise: You may get tired of parents, teachers and mentors going on about the importance of revision. But, believe us, the more you revise, the better you will know your subject; the better you know your subject, the higher the confidence; and the higher the confidence the better are the chances of you to score well in your CBSE class XII examination.

Following these few tips along with your hard work will surely see you score a success in your class X and XII maths and chemistry CBSE exams. Best of luck for the preparation and the exams!

About Author:  Aditya Singhal, co-founder of, India’s leading online education company is a B.Tech graduate from IIT Delhi. He is passionate about amalgamation of technology with education, especially when it can be utilized for social improvement.

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