Promotion List of Assistant Teachers of MCD to the Post of TGT Delhi Government School

MCD Teacher Promotion list 2012 out on December 11, 2012.

Teacher Promotion list December 2012 Click Here

Directorate of Education, Government of Delhi has issued an order recommending promotion of 194 assistant teachers working in Municipal Corporation of Delhi to the post of TGT in Delhi Government Schools. It is order No.F./DE.3(8)/E-III/Promotion/2010/5200-5207 dated 25/02/2010. The list of these 194 teachers also includes those who have been recommended by the DPC for promotion subject to the condition mentioned against each. These candidates have been promoted against 212 vacant post of TGTs/TGTs (MIL) pertaining to the year 2007-2008.

The promotion is subject to the condition that the teachers fulfill all the requirements as laid down in the Recruitment Rules of TGT/TGT (MIL) post of this Directorate and is further subject to the condition that there is no vigilance case/departmental enquiry pending or no penalty is in operation against the teacher concerned at any level.

The Establishment III branch of Directorate of Education is directed to check the requisite qualification as prescribed in the Recruitment Rules, SC/ST certificates (wherever applicable) and vigilance clearance of the teachers in a time bound manner. If the requisite qualification/qualifications has/have been obtained after joining the service, it may be checked that due approval of the competent authority has been obtained.

After checking the eligibility as per RRs for the said posts and vigilance clearance, the E-III branch of this Directorate shall generate promotion-cum-posting order of the teachers which will be issued online through MIS.

In case of any discrepancy is noticed in respect of promoted 194 teachers, the matter may be brought to the notice of E-III branch of this directorate where it will be examined. Such teachers may not be relieved till the receipt of clarification from E-III branch. The seniority of TGT/TGT (ML) will be assigned as per rules and the serial number assigned in the promotion order does not necessarily reflect his/her seniority as TGT/TGT (MIL). In case of teachers who are found ineligible for promotion as per RRs or not having vigilance clearance, their promotion order may be cancelled. Monetary benefits of the promotion will accrue from the date of joining to the post of TGT/TGT(MIL) in this directorate.

If the teacher does not accept promotion, no offer of promotion will be made to him/her for a period of one year from the date of refusal of such promotion or till the next vacancy occurs, whichever is later. If the reasons adduced by the teacher for his/her refusal for promotion are not acceptable to the appointing authority, then he/she may enforce the promotion of the official and in case the teacher still refuses to accept the promotion then even disciplinary action can be taken against him/her for refusing to obey the orders. Teacher refusing promotion and debarred consequently will lose his/her seniority, when he/she is promoted later.

All these promoted teachers are hereby directed to contact E-III Branch of this directorate at Room No. 222, E-III Branch, Old Sectt., Delhi within 15 days from the date of issuing of this order for submission of their willingness to join promotional post in the Directorate of Education, GNCT of Delhi for further posting in the districts/schools. Any lapse in this regard will be viewed seriously.

Visit the link below to get complete list of Promoted teachers in PDF format

List of Promoted Teachers

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