MCA and pharma on road to extinction

A few years ago,  MCA were considered to be courses that afforded the best job prospects. But over the past two to three years, these courses drew few students; and this year, it seems the courses are on the verge of extinction in the state.

Over 16,008 seats of the total 23,712 MBA &MCA courses have remained vacant. Only 7,704 seats could be filled in all.

This is not all — as many as 32 colleges of MBA have fewer than 10 students against the capacity of 60. In MCA I semester, 47 institutes have either 10 or fewer than 10 students. Only 25% of the total of 124 colleges of MBA have been able to get the full quota of students. In the case of MCA, only 19% of 84 colleges in I semester have drawn the full quota.

In MCA III semester the figures are better with 58% of 81 colleges getting full. The vacant seats were given to colleges to be filled after counseling was completed.

In the case of BPharm and MPharm, the situation is worse. In all, 3,686 seats have remained vacant out of 4,900 seats.

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  1. The news reporter is a pure “gadhaa”. He forgot to write the state name about which the whole story is all about. A smart Reader

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