MAT to go online from September 2009

THE Management Aptitude Test (MAT) is all set to go online this September. The All India Management Association (AIMA), responsible for conducting the exam, has taken this decision as a result of an increase in the number of students appearing for the exam.
“AIMA conducts the MAT exam four times a year. And over 400 Bschools accept the MAT score. Last year around 3.5 lakh people took the exam. The online format will be able to attract more candidates both nationally and internationally,” informed C S Bijoy, director, Centre for Management Services, AIMA.
At present, the test is being administered in the paper/pencil mode using optical mark read (OMR) technology. “The present mode requires infrastructure such as classrooms, invigilators, test sheets, logistics, etc. Moreover, if a student misses the test, he/she has to wait for another test cycle. Online tests, however, can change this,” he said. According to Bijoy, the online test will allow students to take the test on different time slots in the first 15 days of February, May, September and December.
The change will be introduced in a phased manner. According to Bijoy, “Students appearing for the MAT this September will have an option to appear for the traditional test or for the online test. AIMA will continue to conduct the MAT in pen/pencil mode for a few years. The process of implementing the online test involves considerable input requirements like cost, time and technology and hence, the process needs to be staggered and executed in a phased manner.”
Now, AIMA is creating the infrastructure in 10 different cities for the online test method. A student will be required to come to an AIMA exam centre to take the test. Commenting on the format and content of the online MAT, Bijoy said, “There will be no change in the exam pattern and the format will remain the same. Questions will be generated automatically for the applicant from a data-bank.” But, students interested in taking the online test may have to pay a higher amount. “Currently the exam fee is Rs 980. The fee may be slightly higher for the online MAT, however, over a period of time we will try and bring it down,” added Bijoy.

Source: Times of India, April 20, 2009

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  1. online is nt a good idea power shut down any misusage may lead to hamper a bulk of students being appearing due to one person who might attemp to disrrupt or mishandle it which leads to failure of submission of papers

  2. Hi Nitish and Shradda.In Online we have to start with the Questions the Computer generates.As per paper/pencil test we can glance the Question paper and go to the easy sections and start the test ..In wud be a bit trouble to choose the easy sections..So i prefer to take the exam this september in paper/pencil format only..whats ur idea?

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