KVS completes uploading more than 60 pc lesson plans on software

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sanghathan’s (KVS) Electronic Comprehensive Teaching and Learning Tool (eCTLT), launched in July this year, has already covered teaching lessons for more than 60 per cent of the master topics in all the subjects listed for Classes I to XII. The authorities are aiming to complete the uploading work by middle of October this year. The software aims to act as a library of teaching lessons prepared by each teacher in the northern region individually.

The lesson prepared by one teacher can be accessed by any other in the region and subsequent changes can be made to the lessons by the latter. The chapters of the subjects for each class were divided among the teachers in 68 Kendriya Vidyalayas (KV) across the northern region, with each teacher being asked to prepare two lesson plans for the software by October. “We have deliberately divided the workload in this manner so that the teachers focus on quality.

“ Our key aim behind the launch of this kind of a program is to ensure productive growth of the teachers. e-CTLT should as a forum for exchange of ideas for our teachers all over the country, ” said MS Chauhan, Assistant Commissioner, KVS. “Another objective of launching the library system was to improve the quality of teaching in the schools located in remote areas like Rekong Peo in Kinnaur, Sainj in Kullu and Bhisiana near Bathinda,” added Chauhan.

Although the lesson plans have not been made accessible for the students for now as the authorities aim to first complete the uploading work, students in various schools are being given glimpses of the system. The students hope the content available in the lesson plans will help them understand the concepts without referring to the refreshers.

Shubham, a Class XII student from KV sector 31 said, “The refreshers are generally too elaborate and it gets difficult to scan the entire content provided in it. I feel that through the Electronic Comprehensive Teaching and Learning Tool system, we will be able to access additional yet crisp explanations on the topics. This will save a lot of time”.

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