Kendriya Vidyalaya KV Admission Schedule for 2010-11

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan has issued admission schedule and details of admission dates for the year 2010 -2011 in Different KV School in India. The Guidelines and admission dates are same for all KVs in India and all Kendriya Vidyalaya Regional Offices situated in India.

The admission schedule in KV is divided into two rounds. First round will commence on 15th February 2010 and ends on 31st July 2010. The second round will be followed only if seats left vacant in first round.

The Schedule for admission to various classes of this Vidyalaya for the year 2010-11 will be as follows:




Advertisement of admission by Regional office First week of Feb.2010
Sale of Forms & Registration(Except Class XI)* 15th Feb. 2010 onwards
Last date of Registration for Class I and other classes(Except Class XI) 20-03-2010(2 PM TO 5 PM)
Admission test class II onwards 07-04-2010 TO 09-04-2010
Declaration of list and admission for class I 25-03-2010 TO 31-03-2010
Declaration of list class II onwards 16-04-2010
Admission class II onwards 21-04-2010 TO 23-04-2010
Dereservationof quota 21-07-2010 TO 26-07-2010
Registration for class XI* Within 20 days after declaration of Board result
Display of list and Admission for Class XI Within 27 days after declaration of Board result
Last date of Admission 31-07-2010
05 more students could be admitted in each section/class provided such candidates are the ward of Central Govt. employee belonging to category I. In addition to the children of parents transferred during the year, the children of parents belonging to cat. I transferred during previous years will also be considered eligible for admission if seats are available after accommodating the children of Category-I parents transferred during the particular academic session.
Admission accorded by commissioner, KVS for the wards of Central Govt./ Central PSU employees who are actually coming on transfer after 30th Sep. up to 30th Nov. subject to availability of vacancies. Up to 30-11-2010


Notification of vacancy at Regional and KV Level 30-06-2010
Registration 01-07-2010 to 07-07-2010
Admission test 12-07-2010 to 13-07-2010
Display of Admission test 16-07-2010 to 17-07-2010
Admission 19-07-2010 to 20-07-2010

* Subject to availability of vacancy in particular class.

Instructions for filling-up the registration form:

1.    The registration forms can be collected on payment of Rs.100/- from Kendriya Vidyalaya where you want to get admission. They should be submitted within the stipulated time. Each Kendriya Vidyalaya will have it’s own Admission Form and prospectus. If you want to try in more than one KV, you need to buy separate admission form from these schools individually. Form purchased from one KV is meant for that KV only. You can not submit this form in any other KV.

2.    The registration forms should be completed in all respect with the One Passport Size Photo.

3.    Only attested copies of BIRTH CERTIFICATE, COMMUNITY CERTIFICATE (In case of SC/ST) should be attached with the registration form at the time of registration.

4.    Original Certificate of Birth and Community (in case of SC/ST_ should be submitted at the time of Admission.

5.    A child must be 5 years old on 31st March in the academic year in which admission is being sought for admission to class I and for admission to class II the age must be 6 years. From 2010-11, qualifying age i.e. 31st March will be applicable up to class III. For remaining classes, the eligible age will be calculated as on 30the September of the academic year.

6.    All admission procedures will be completed by 31.07.2010.

7.    15% seats for Scheduled Caste and 7.5% for Scheduled Tribes are reserved in all FRESH ADMISSIONS. 3% seats are reserved for Handicapped Children.

8.    Admissions in KVS are not restricted to Central Government employees alone but are open to all. Only certain priorities have been laid down for regulating admission of children belonging to different categories.

9. An upper age limit for admission is fixed as the minimum age limit

plus two years. No child would be eligible for admission in a class, if

the age is more than the maximum age prescribed. The maximum

age would be further relaxed by two years for handicapped children only.

All such cases will be disposed of at the level of the Principal. There shall be no relaxation of upper age limit exceeding two years.


The following priorities shall be followed in granting admissions:-

(a) Kendriya Vidyalayas under Civil/Defence Sector :

  1. Children of transferable central government employees includingex-servicemen.
  2. Children of non-transferable Central Government employees includingex-servicemen.
  3. Children of transferable and non-transferable employees of  Autonomous Bodies/Public Sector Undertaking/Institute of Higher Learning of the Government of India.
  4. Children of transferable State Government employees.
  5. Children of non-transferable employees of State Government.
  6. Children of transferable and non-transferable employees of Autonomous Bodies/ Public Sector Undertakings/Institute of Higher Learning of the State Governments.
  7. Children from any other category.

(b)      Kendriya Vidyalayas under Public Sector Undertakings /  InstituteS of Higher Learning :

  1. Children and grand children of employees of the Public Sector Undertakings/Institutes of Higher Learning which finance the concerned Kendriya Vidyalayas fully;
  2. The priorities given for Kendriya Vidyalayas under Civil/Defence sector will follow in the same sequence, thereafter.

Method of admission

(A)      Class I :No admission test shall be conducted for admission to

class I.  All  applications received shall be divided upto 7 categories in order of priority to the extent vacancies are available. When a stage is reached that the list of one category cannot be fully accommodated for admission, the following procedure shall be adopted :

(i)        If the list is of children of category-I, short listing for admissions shall be done on the basis of number of transfers of the parents during the preceding 7 years. The children whose parents have been transferred more number of times shall get precedence over  children whose parents have been transferred less number of times.

(II)       If children of transferable Central Govt. employees fall in

category-II like in project sector KVs, short-listing for admission

in class I will be done on the basis of the number of transfers of the parents during the preceding 7 years for the said category.

(III)     Cases within categories I & IV with equal number of transfers will be decided on the basis of age i.e. date of birth, if vacancies are not enough to accommodate all the eligible children. For example, total number of Category -I children will be arranged in a chronological manner according to date of birth and if two vacancies are there in particular class, two children from the top can be admitted. If two children tie up as per date of birth, following criteria shall be adopted:-

If two children possess same date of birth, preference be given to (1) sibling in the same KV (2) a child who is residing nearer to KV (3) girl child/single girl child. It implies that for non-transferable categories under II, III, V, VI, VII & VIII (if applicable) there shall be no lottery based admission and the cases shall be decided on the basis of age as applicable to categories I & IV as per details indicated above.

(B)       CLASS II & above except class XI – For admission to these classes, an admission test shall be conducted and a merit list prepared for each category of priority separately. Admission shall be granted in order of merit going by the sequence of the categories as prioritized in Para 3.

(c)       Candidates securing less than 33% marks in any subject shall not be eligible for admission irrespective of their category in the priority unless provided otherwise these guidelines;.

(D)      An admission test shall be conducted in the following subjects :-

(i)        Primary classes (except class I) – English, Hindi & Math.

(II)       Upper Primary classes – Hindi, English, Math & General Knowledge.

(III)     Secondary classes – Hindi, English, Math, Social Studies and Science.

(E)       Concession up to five marks can be given for deficiency in language (Hindi & English), if adequate number of candidates fail to qualify in the admission test. However, an  assurance would be required in writing from the parents that the language deficiency in the child will be removed within the  academic session.

(F)       Students belonging to SC/ST and Socially & Educationally Backward Classes including Minorities will be eligible for admission on securing 25% in aggregate.  However, undertaking from the parents will have to be obtained that in case the child does not improve in the session ending exam, he/she will be detained in the same class.

(g)      Admissions to class X & XII will be entertained subject to availability of vacancies. Such  admission to class X and XII  will be  considered by the Assistant Commissioner of the regions concerned, subject to the children fulfilling the following conditions: –

(1)  The vacancies are available.

(2)  If the average strength in class X/ XII remains below 40.

(H)      Children passing class IX & XI  from CBSE affiliated schools of the station may be admitted, if they fulfill other eligibility conditions. HOWEVER, STUDENTS WILL BE ADMITTED UNDER SPECIAL PROVISIONS UP TO CLASS STRENGTH OF 45 SUBJECT TO THE ELIGIBILITY CONDITIONS GIVEN BELOW.

  1. The child has been in the same course of studies i.e. in the CBSE-affiliated school.
  2. The child must have obtained not less than 50% marks in  class IX / XI examination.
  3. The child should OTHERWISE be eligible as per KVS admission guidelines.
  4. The combinations of subjects are available in Kendriya Vidyalayas.
  5. Process of admissions for class X & XII will proceed simultaneously with admissions for other classes (except XI).


Fresh admissions would be made after accommodating all the eligible students of the same KV in the entitled stream and thereafter other KVs. Fresh admission for remaining vacancies would be made in order of merit in the sequence of categories of priority on the basis of the board results of class X. There would be no fresh admission in class XI over and above the class strength. Admissions in different streams for children seeking admission from KVs & non-KVs would be made on fulfilment of the following requirements:

The cut off marks for admissions in Science, Commerce & Humanities

Streams would be as under:

a.         Science Stream

(i)       Science with Mathematics

A minimum of 55% marks in Maths

A minimum of 55% marks in Science and

A minimum of 60% marks in Maths and Science taken together and

A minimum of 55% marks in aggregate of all subjects.

(ii)Science without Maths

Science without mathematics may be allowed if the student has 60% marks in science and a minimum of 55% marks in aggregate of all subjects.

b. Commerce Stream

A minimum of 50% marks in aggregate of all subjects.  Mathematics can be offered with commerce if the student has obtained a minimum of 55% of marks in Mathematics.

c. Humanities Stream

All students of Kendriya Vidyalayas if they are declared successful by the CBSE would be given admission.  Humanities with Mathematics can be offered if 50% marks are obtained in Mathematics.


d. Computer Science / Bio-Technology, wherever available as an elective subject is to be offered to students of Science Stream and admission would be granted as per combined merit list. Multi-media & Web-Designing Technology (wherever available) as elective subject may be offered to students of all the streams (Commerce, Humanities & Science)

Following concessions will be allowed for admission to Science and Commerce streams.

a)         Students belonging to SC/ST and Socially & Educationally Backward Classes including Minorities shall be given a maximum concession of 05 marks in an individual subject, or a maximum concession of 15 marks spread over different subjects.

b)        The following concession will be granted to students for admission who participated in Games & Sports meet/Scouting &Guiding/NCC/Adventure activities at various level. The certificate needed for this purpose can be of any preceding years.

S.No. Sports & Games NCC Scouting/Guiding Adventure Activities for admission to Science/Commerce stream Concession of marks
a. Participation at SGFI or equivalent level. ‘A’ certificate and participation in Republic/PM Rally Rashtrapati Puraskar award certificate NIL 07 marks
b. Participation at KVS State level ‘A’ certificate and best Cadet in distt/State level Rajya Puruskar award certificate with 07 proficiency badges. Nil 05 marks
c. Participation at KVS State Level ‘A’ certificate Tritiya sopan certificate with 05 proficiency badges Participation in at least one 10-days adventure activity 02 marks

Maximum concession under Sports / Games / NCC / Scout / Guide/Adventure will not exceed 07 marks.In case of eligibility for more than one concession under different categories as mentioned at (a)  and (b) above, only one concession having maximum advantage to the candidate will be allowed.

(d)       Admission of non eligible children of Embassy Officers in KV, Kathmandu in class XI (Sc.) will be decided by the Commissioner, KVS on case to case basis.

(d)       Principal may admit children to class XI only up to the permitted class strength defined in para 8(A).

(e)      A student who was earlier not found eligible for admission to a particular stream may be allowed fresh admission to a particular stream in class XI in the next academic session, if he/she improves his/her performance within one year from the same Board.

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