JEE Advanced: Plan your revision of the day preceding the D-day!

JEE Advanced is the second stage of the joint engineering entrance to the prestigious IITs and ISM Dhanbad. Only the top 150000 rankers of JEE Main are eligible to sit for JEE Advanced. The exam has become challenging considering the mounting competition. With lakhs of students taking the exam every year, one has to be really intelligent and smart to be successful!

Now that IIT JEE Advanced is just a day away stress is at its peak. If you are also one of the engineering aspirants vying for a seat in the elite IITs then you must accept the fact that it’s not going to be very easy! But, hold on! That does not mean that your chances of getting through are bleak. It just means that besides working hard you need to be smart enough to adopt the right strategy so as to achieve your aim.

Aspirants are advised not to pick up any new topic on the last day. In fact, just try to regain all your lost energy so as to give your best performance in the exam. Though everyone has got his own way of revising, yet we list here some of the tips on how one should plan his last day’s revision:

üRelax: Now that you have just 24 hours in hand, you must make the best possible use of it. But this does not mean that you start going through your books again as it will just trigger your anxiety. Just calm down, analyze the areas that you need to revise and do the needful.

üDo not open any new topic or book: By now, you must have covered the entire syllabus of JEE Advanced and even if you couldn’t do so accept the fact that preparation time is over.

üRefer your revision notes: This is the time to recall all that you have acquired in the last few days. You must have prepared some flash cards or revision notes while going through your books. This is the time to revise all the important facts and formulae so that you can attempt the paper easily.

üJEE Advanced Sample Papers: Sample papers play a vital role in determining the success or failure in a challenging exam like the JEE Advanced. Majority of you must have practiced sufficient number of mock tests of JEE Advanced already. Do not attempt any sample paper on the last day, however you may take a note of the important points used in the question.

üMeditate: It is important to maintain your calm as anxiety can spoil the game. No doubt, the exam is highly competitive but getting worried won’t help. Practice some meditation and yoga as they help in relieving stress.

üTake frequent breaks: Breaks should not be considered a waste of time. In fact, take out some time from your busy schedule for your family and recreation. This helps in reducing the stress level and regaining the lost enthusiasm.

üForesee your win: Try to visualize your success. Cracking exams like JEE Advanced is no child’s play and one needs to be extremely smart to be a winner. If you lose courage and feel that you won’t be able to do so, then the race is already lost.

üNo discussion with peers: Candidates are advised not to discuss anything related to the exam on the last day. You must not have any sort of discussion related to the syllabus or exam with the peers on the last day. Anything that worries you or can cause anxiety must be avoided.

üHave faith in your hard work: It is important to have faith in yourself and believe that you have tried your level best. Just worrying and fretting over what couldn’t be done might have a negative impact on your performance.

üGood night’s sleep is a must: Just before going to bed, visualize that you have cleared the paper with excellent scores. This will help in instilling the much required confidence. Good sleep of at least 6-7 hours is essential for a fresh mind.        

Those who have a burning desire to get through can only be successful. Just assume that you can do it and even if you don’t get through, still a bright future awaits you!


About Author:  Rakesh singh is Product Development Manager at, India’s leading online education company. He is an MBA post-graduate from IIM Kozhikode and a B.Tech graduate from IIT Delhi.

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