B. Ed Bachelor of Education an overview

The most searched word in the category of education: B.Ed. After, 2003 right to education act, the education department has announced thousands of teaching jobs in all the states. If we talk north India U.P. alone has initiated the process of inducting 70,000 Teachers. The basic requirement to become a teacher is B.Ed.  Any graduate who has scored 50% marks can apply for Bachelor of education (B.Ed.).The government of India has appointed a body named NCTE to regulate the norms and standard of Teacher education in India.

So if any university or college wishes to offer a valid B.Ed. degree, it has to take approval from NCTE. As a norm approval is given to a particular premise for fix number of seats. A college or university can have max of 200 seats per premises. Generally the number is 100 only. In special cases and with certain rules like getting a NAAC accreditation, a B.Ed. college or university gets 200 seats.

We see 100’s of consultant s and B.Ed. admission center around and each one of them claiming unlimited seats. Then how is this possible!

The university department has very few seats often less than 100. It is the affiliated college of the university that offers B.Ed. in most of the universities. Like in MDU, Rohtak there are around 200 B.Ed. colleges, which are affiliated to the university. Each one of them is independently approved by the NCTE. Although Haryana, M.P and U.P have lot of B.Ed. colleges. In Delhi the number of B.Ed. colleges is very small. If we consider Delhi University, it has only 3 colleges. That too the number has increased recently, otherwise last year, it had only department seats. In I.P. University also the number of seats is less, it is around 2,000 only.

In the neighboring states (Mainly Haryana) lot of B.Ed. colleges are there. These colleges are affiliated to any of the three state government run university, depending upon their location.

Other then these, few Private Universities also offer B.Ed. degree. Some of them claim to be NCTE approved. The admission consultants of these universities are unable to tell the exact number of seats available in these Universities. So, at times one is not very confident to recommend these universities.

In general students tend to prefer government universities. As government Universities are decades old and time tested.

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