Indian Institute of Human Settlements announces short course on urban centric film and photography

The Indian Institute of Human Settlements (IIHS), a national education institution, has announced a short term course on ‘ways of seeing ‘ an urban centric film and photography course.

The said course will be held at the IIHS City Campus, Bangalore from December 18 to 22,2013.

According to IIHS , the course sessions are designed to help participants effectively use the visual language to communicate and showcase different aspects of the city. The five day course also aims to explore the relationship between creating images (still or video) and the city we live in.

The course is open for those who are interested in filmmaking and photography. It especially appeals to those who work on urban issues and ideas, and need to use the audio-visual medium in their work such as NGO/ Civil society workers who may want to produce their own campaign or advocacy films, Social Researchers, Architects, Designers, Journalists and students.

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