IIT aspirants may have to clear two tests

IT aspirants will have to take two entrance tests if a section of IIT administrators across the country have their way and succeed in grabbing the cream of candidates from the CET success list.

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle on Thursday, Prof V. G. Idichandy, deputy director, IIT-M, said the Union government had asked Dr T. Ramasami, secretary, ministry of science and technology, to evolve modalities for conducting a single entrance test for admitting students to all higher education institutions in the country.

But then, some IIT administrators have been demanding that the IITs be allowed to hold a separate joint entrance examination (JEE) “so that we can get the top one lakh students who clear the CET”, Prof Idichandy said.

He said, “About 15 lakh students may take the CET but if a student wants to join IIT, he needs to be one among the top one lakh who clear the test and he may be asked to sit again for JEE as we want to admit only the best students.

IITs are special and we serve as centres of excellence, so we want to conduct our own entrance examination. But ultimately everything rests with the IIT council which governs all IITs”.

He however admitted that the IITians were divided in conducting a separate entrance test for IITs.

Source : Deccan Chronicle

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