HSC exam registration website crashes on Day 1

Online registrations for HSC board exams in February-March 2014 seem to have hit a roadblock as the website faced problems on the first day itself. Schools and colleges who tried uploading students’ forms on the website, functional since November 27, either could not upload all forms or could not log on to the website at all. Even worse, some colleges were not even informed that the website was functional.

“Not only did we have trouble logging on, but the website kept crashing. Now we will have to repeat this process all over again tomorrow and hope there will be no more delays,” said the principal of a school in Goregaon (E). Many principals were not happy with the state board’s decision to make the registration an online process. “The manual process was very comfortable but with online registrations, we are struggling to finish work,” said the principal.

The process of online registration involves filling of forms with information of students including their photographs and signature. During the workshops held by the state education department for schools and colleges, representatives of the institutes were given a software to fill forms offline. “We were told to keep the forms ready in batches of 30-40 each and upload the batches once the website is functional. However, there has been no circular informing us that the website is ready as of now,” said Jitendra Dalvi, administration officer at St Andrew’s College in Bandra.

Mumbai division board chairman, Laxmikant Pande, confirmed the website was functional and some institutes faced problems on the first day. “If all colleges in the state attempt to upload forms on the first day itself, problems will occur. We have informed the institutes to upload only a few forms a day. Institutes have time till December 7, for the process,” said Pande.

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