How to Apply for JEE 2010

Candidates are advised to read the eligibility criteria (Section III of the information brochure) carefully.  A candidate can apply for JEE-2010 either On-line or Off-line.

1. Applying On-line

Candidates can apply On-line, if they have access to computer, printer and Internet at home or elsewhere, by logging on to JEE website. The site has been designed in a ‘user friendly’ way to help candidates to apply On-line in a step-by-step fashion. On-line application portal will be open from 8:00 AM (IST) on November 1, 2009 to 5:00 PM (IST) on December 7, 2009.

The examination fee is Rs 900/- for GE/OBC/DS candidates and Rs 450/- for SC/ST/PD and female candidates. Candidates can make payment On-line with credit/debit cards of major banks. Payment can also be made through challans of designated banks.

2. Instructions for applying On-line

• Log-on to IIT-JEE Website.

• Go to menu item “Apply-On-line”

• Enter name, date of birth and generate User-ID and Password. Note down the User-ID and Password for future reference.

• Check from the list provided whether you have all the items for applying On-line.

• Enter carefully all the data asked for. Help (Tool-tip) is provided at every stage to fill the form correctly.

• If your parent/guardian has credit/debit card then you can pay On-line by following the instructions on the website.

• If any credit/debit card is not available, then choose the option to pay through bank challan by selecting a bank.

• At this stage the computer will ask you to print the filled-in application form and if you confirm, it will print the following items:

i. Filled application form with the application number and barcode;

ii. Bank challan in triplicate (not applicable, if you have already paid through credit/debit card) filled with your application number, name, etc., and also the amount (Rs 900/- if you belong to GE/OBC/DS or Rs 450/- if you are female or belong to SC/ST/PD).

iii. An address-slip to be pasted on an A4 envelope.

• Go to the bank and pay the fee. The bank will return two copies of the challan duly stamped. Keep your copy as proof of payment and attach the institute copy along with the application form printed by you.

• Paste the photograph at the appropriate box. Keep two more copies of the photograph for future use.

• Put your signature and get the signature of your parent/guardian in the appropriate boxes.

• Keep a photo copy of the filled application form along with the photo and signatures for future use.

• Attach an attested photo-copy of the 10th class certificate for proof of your name and date of birth along with the original application form.

• Attach attested photo-copy of SC/ST/DS certificate in the prescribed format (If you belong to these categories).

• Enclose the duly signed request letter (as given in APPENDIX-10 of the brochure) for enlarged font question paper, if applicable.

• Paste the address slip on an A4 envelope, put the application form and all the necessary enclosures, seal the envelope securely and submit in person at the zonal JEE Offices or send it by REGISTERED /SPEED-POST (keep the postal receipt for future reference).

• This completes your On-line application process.

• No acknowledgement will be given for applications. However, you can verify your application status by logging-in with your user-ID and Password after a week. If you see any discrepancy, call us or email us using the details given in the web site/back cover of this brochure.

3. Applying Off-line

Sale of OMR application (Off-line) form and Information Brochure will start from 10:00 AM (IST) on November 16, 2009 and close at 5.00 PM (IST) on December 15, 2009.

The application material can be obtained from any of the designated bank branches in each zone listed in APPENDIX-6 of information brochure.
The cost of application material including the examination fee is Rs 1000/- for GE/OBC/DS candidates while it is Rs 500/-for Female/SC/ST/PD candidates.

4.  Instructions for applying Off-line

•  Read carefully the eligibility criteria (Section III).

• Fill-in the OMR application form as per the guide lines given in Section VII.

• Follow the procedure given in Section VIII for com pleting the application process.


i) The application form is in Optical Machine Readable (OMR) format. That means a special machine reads only the dark bubbles that you make on the OMR sheet.

ii) Therefore do not scribble, smudge, cut, tear, or wrinkle the application form.  Do not put any stray pencil marks anywhere on the application form. Do not write or place any mark over the barcodes.

iii) To guide you to fill the form correctly, we suggest the following:

a) Take a photocopy of both sides of the blank OMR sheet and try to fill them. After making sure that the entries in this form are correct, you can start filling-in the original OMR and bubble the corresponding entries in the sheet, so that you may avoid errors while filling it. You should only send the filled original OMR form and NOT this photocopy form to us.

b) While filling the OMR form, first enter the data in black ballpoint pen (avoid gel/ink/felt pen as it might smudge the form) in the boxes provided above each coding area and then bubble with HB pencil the corresponding letter in each column below each box for the machine to read.

c) A sample filled OMR application form is given in APPENDIX-9 for showing how the application form appears after bubbling correctly. If there is a discrepancy between the written data and the bubbled data in your application, the bubbled data will be taken as final.

iv) If, by mistake you darkened a wrong bubble and wish to change it, erase the darkened bubble completely using a pencil eraser, and then darken the correct bubble. Do not use any whitener to erase a darkened bubble.

v) Your application must be complete in all respects.
You should fill all the fields. Incomplete applications and applications filled in a language other than English will be summarily rejected. Step-by-step instruction to fill the OMR application form are given in the Information Brochure.

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