From 2012, new syllabus for Classes IX, XI Maharashtra State Board

Maharashtra State Board Of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) will introduce a revamped syllabus for Classes IX and XI for the academic session beginning June 2012.

The changed syllabus will also help students deal with the issue of 40 per cent difference in the syllabus followed in Maharashtra and the one by the Medical Council of India for the proposed National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). The Science and Maths syllabus of the state is being upgraded so that both the syllabi will be same, ensuring that students from the state board are not at a disadvantage when it comes to competing with students from elsewhere.

For Classes X and XII, changes will be introduced in 2013. The upgraded syllabus which is the State Curriculum Framework will be in accordance with the National Curriculum Framework.

“We have already put the draft syllabus on our website ( and have invited objections and suggestions from parents, teachers and students till November 30,” said MSBSHSE chairperson Ujjwala Patil.

While changes have been made in all subjects, the ones that have gone through major revamping are Science, Maths, Political Science, Language (Marathi), Sports and Physical Education.

Science and Maths

The board had introduced a new syllabus for the two subjects last year. Now, the papers will be have 60 marks theory, 20 practicals and 20 internal exams. The internal exams will have group discussions, interviews, projects requiring surveys and analytical studies. Maths paper will also have multiple choice questions. Till now, the theory paper was for 80 marks and if a student scored full marks (20) in practicals and only 15 in the theory paper, he would pass. But now to pass, it will be mandatory to score at least 25 per cent in theory.

Political Science

The subject which was so far called Civics, has been renamed Political Science. The new text books will have chapters on Right to Education, Right to Information, human rights, Sarva Sikhsha Abhiyaan (SSA), drafting of the constitution, fundamental rights and duties, electoral processes and an introduction to major political parties of the country.

Language (Marathi)

Students will get a flavour of the variation in the local language through their text books. “The Marathi that we speak in Pune is different from that spoken in places like Nashik, Nagpur or Kolhapur. The aim is to make students aware of the regional variations in the spoken language,” said Patil.

Sports & Physical Edu

The sports quota under which students could secure an additional 25 marks will be done away with. Instead, an optional sports paper will be introduced. “The sports quota was being rampantly misused. When it was introduced in 2007, we had about 3,500 applicants. This year, it went up to about 32,000 applications,” said Patil. There will be a 60-40 bifurcation for practicals and theory now. Students can choose to specialise in one out of 29 sports.

Agricultural Sciences

A proposal has also been sent for an optional agriculture sciences for students of Class X. If the proposal is accepted, the subject will be available from 2013.

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  • romita wadhwani

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  • shaikh mateen Musa

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