First CBSE Aptitude and Interest Assessment Test 2011

As you are well aware CBSE has recently extended the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation scheme in classes IX & X, introduced grading system in class X and has phased out class X exams for students of senior secondary schools. The common factor running across these initiatives is to make the entire spectrum of school education learner friendly.

The new approach also highlights the fact that each individual is unique with different sets of abilities. Identifying and optimizing abilities while preparing an individual for life and the world of work is one of the important and meaningful tasks of education. Senior secondary stage becomes the most defining phase as it influences higher studies and career choices later in life. More often than not, the choice of subjects is determined by the marks as also by the parental and peer pressure or the role models. In an ideal situation a child should be allowed to choose subjects based on his abilities and interest.

Therefore, in order to facilitate a child, CBSE has designed a tool named as the Students Global Aptitude Index (SGAI) to measure the aptitude in combination with the interest.

The Aptitude reflects the inherent capacity, talent or ability of a child. Aptitude testing is a student-friendly, universally accepted mode of rating capabilities for a particular activity. Aptitude tests are known to be reliable predictors of future scholastic achievement as they provide a profile of strengths and weaknesses of a student.


Although a variety of aptitude screening tests are already in vogue to help the student identify personal interests and vocations, yet:-

1. SGAI is a battery of Aptitude Tests which also combines Interest profile of a student.
2. It has been customized to suit the Indian context and variety of student population in CBSE affiliated Private, Government and Aided Schools.
3. Unlike the conventional Aptitude Tests, which indicate professional orientations the CBSE SGAI will indicate subject orientations at +2 level.
4. The CBSE SGAI is meant for students of secondary classes. This coincides with the onset of adolescence and beginning of career concepts (although not in the
concrete form). It is therefore crucial to give a road map to the child which is realistic and favorable.
5. SGAI is aimed to empower a child with “self knowledge” in terms of the Aptitude and Interest, to enable the child in making informed subjects choices.
6. Since CBSE SGI purports to reduce the mismatch between the Aptitude and the Interest it will further help in :
? >> Optimizing the child potential and enhance satisfaction
>> Increasing motivation
>> ?Reducing wastage of human and financial resources


CBSE SGAI is a battery of tests, designed for students pursuing class X in CBSE affiliated schools. It is a simple paper and pencil test, which requires approximately 2 – 2½ hours. Due care has been taken to make the assessment and interpretation less complicated for the teachers. The assessment broadly indicates:

>> ?Scientific Aptitude
>>? Numerical Aptitude
>>? Social Aptitude
?>> Behavioral Science Aptitude
?>> Art Aptitude
?>> Interest areas


A random survey was conducted in schools by devising a questionnaire to primarily gauge whether the schools, parents and students were aware of Aptitude Tests, at what stage should these tests be conducted and parents attitude towards Aptitude Tests. The responses received were studied by a group comprising of psychiatrists, psychologists, experts in Psychometrics and practicing counselors It was decided to construct a battery of Aptitude Tests and an Interest test which will be customized to suit the CBSE clientele.


The CBSE SGAI has been pilot tested on a sample of secondary level students drawn from 100 CBSE affiliated Private, Government and Aided Schools from different parts of the country.


• Six orientation workshops were conducted between November –December 2009 to orient and train two teachers and one counselor from the selected schools
• These workshops were held in Delhi, Bhopal Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Mumbai.
• The participants were made aware of the rationale and the actual conduct of the test batteries. The details of scoring were also discussed with the participants.
• Time lines were given to the schools to conduct the test and send the responses to the board for analysis by Jan 2010.
• The results obtained were put to item analysis done by a specialized agency and based on that changes were made in the test.


For the mental preparedness and climate building, Training Manuals, Literature and FAQ’s for parents and students were prepared to generate awareness about Aptitude and benefits of Assessment.


After the analysis of first trial and the Pre and Post trial feedback from participating teachers and counselors, the test was modified and put to a second micro trial to ascertain the efficacy.


The CBSE SGAI is finally ready for launch after rigorous process of standardization.


CBSE- SGAI can be taken in class X to know the students preference for subjects after class X. However, it should be taken only as an indicator or a facilitator. The test will help the larger population including parents, teachers and students to initiate a dialogue on subject choices leading to careers ahead in life .However, the results of SGAI taken together with the student’s assessment from other sources will ultimately help students and parents in making informed choices. Mental preparedness and sincere responses are the pre- requisites for this test. SGAI scores may depend upon child’s environmental stimulus and motivation level.


The option of using the CBSE SGI rests with the schools, however for those interested, the board will conduct training workshops to familiarize the principals and teachers with this new concept as well as its administration. These principals, teachers and counselors will in turn advocate and educate students and parents about the CBSE SGAI. Since it is not feasible to cover all schools in one go, the training workshops will be conducted in a phased manner. The details of the training programs along with the dates and venues will be intimated in due course of time.


The CBSE SGAI will be offered to those interested at a very nominal fee of Rs.100 (one hundred) per student only. The first ever CBSE Students Global Aptitude Test will be held for class X students tentatively on 15th January 2011. The principals may assess the number of class X students who would be interested to enroll for this activity and thereafter register online on the CBSE website The fee may be sent via Demand Draft payable at Delhi in the name of Secretary ,CBSE. The conformation may be sent by15 th October 2010 positively to:

Rama Sharma
PRO & Project Incharge
Central Board of Secondary Education
Shiksha Kendra, 2, Community Centre, Preet Vihar,Delhi-92
Tele Fax- 011-22440083

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