Check Out Options in IIT Bombay Depending on your JEE Score

The JEE Advanced 2014 score is due to be announced, and you’ll soon be making a choice regarding which institution to join.  Given the large number of institutions delivering quality education and placements across India, it becomes difficult to differentiate one college from another.  Among the various institutions available, the IITs hold a position of pride; however, given the large number of IITs now available, making an informed decision becomes difficult.  In order to help you make a fair assessment of your All India Rank 2014 and options available to you, the table given below shows you the All India Rank 2013 based on the results of the JEE Advanced 2013.

JEE Advanced ScoreAll India Rank
Above 260Top 100
260 – 235101-200

Let us look at the options and cut-offs at IIT Bombay in 2013, based on the JEE score and All India Ranking.  If last year’s results are any indication, IIT aspirants must try to fall in the top 3,000 to qualify in any of the branches being offered.





Course Ranks
Aerospace Engineering405-1674256-81146-334154-266
Chemical Engineering727-1240427-845151-544158-315
Civil Engineering400-1688379-873107-37269-96
Computer Science and Engineering1-598-382-193-21
Electrical Engineering7-13534-8012-642-18
Engineering Physics206-1090455-81515-490151-426
Mechanical Engineering 24-48888-23129-10522-52
Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science1243-2790996-1716526-982239-522
Electrical Engineering with M.Tech. in Communications and Signal Processing192-43557-358115-305116-123
Electrical Engineering with M.Tech. in Microelectronics137-292100-278143-2064-105
Energy Engineering with M.Tech. in Energy Systems Engineering932-1816790-1126721-796335-462
Engineering Physics with M.Tech. in Engineering Physics with specialization in Nano Science963-1371809-891715-739322
Mechanical Engineering with M.Tech. in Computer Aided Design and Automation505-624267-400195-203124-140
Mechanical Engineering with M.Tech. in ComputerIntegrated Manufacturing625-720338-421209-249144-145
Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science withM.Tech. in Ceramics and Composites2502-30731569-18401025-1089343
Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science withM.Tech. in Metallurgical Process Engineering2757-30841777-18651010-1016515


Once you’ve received your JEE Advanced score and found out your All India Ranking using our JEE Advanced  rank predictor, you will be in a better position to assess the choice of institutes and branches available to you. If you find that you are not be able to qualify for IIT Bombay or get the course of your choice, there is no need to lose heart.  There are a variety of excellent options available across India, to ensure a really bright future for you.

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