Awards to teachers for Innovations and Experimentation in KVS

KVS being a pace setting institutions, teach should take lead in enriching their professional competencies and contribution to the professional knowledge. Although a plethora of reports on innovation and experimentation is available in the market yet the experiments are not tailored to needs of Kendriya Vidyalayas.

It has therefore, been decided to reinforce innovations in Kendriya Vidyalayas through innovation awards.

The salient features of the scheme are as under:-

1.    All serving teachers of Kendriya Vidyalayas are eligible for participation.

2.    The teachers who are willing to undertake the innovative practices in their Vidyalaya should seek the permission of their respective Principal in advance for implementation.

3.    The innovative practices should be carried out at least for one academic session.

4.    Suggested format of the paper

The author is free to evolve his/her own format for the presentation of the innovation or experimentation in the form of paper. However, the following should be suitably incorporated in the paper.


In the section, the author may briefly describe the background of the project, specially his/her motivation for undertaking the project. How did the idea occur to the author and how did the idea occur to the author and how did he/she go about to concretize the idea in the form of an implement able project.

Preparatory Work

The author may describe the preparatory activities undertaken by him/her for the execution of the project. Obviously, the preparatory work shall include mobilization of required  resources-human as well as no human.

Execution of the Project

The author should narrate how the project was implemented describing the activities undertaken during different phases. Limitations and problems or difficulties, if any, may also be brought out.


The author should clearly bring out the results achieved through the execution of the project and highlight if there is enough evidence indicative of improvement in some aspect of teacher’s work like teaching, pupil-learning, classroom management, inter personal relationship etc.


In this section , the author may summarize the results and bring out implications for systemic improvements, provide guidelines for the replication of the innovation in other similar contexts.

5.    Terms and Condition

1.    A participant should indicate the level of school e.g up to class V,VIII,X or XII at which he/she is working at the time of submission of the paper.

2.    The paper should be based on the original and independent work of one person or a team of 2-3 persons. In the case of a team, bio-data of each author should be given separately. The cash prize will be divided equally among team members.

3.    Only one paper can be submitted by an individual or a team in a year for the competition

4.     The paper should not be based on the participant’s dissertation or thesis submitted for MA/M.Ed, M.Phil / Ph.D degree or any other university degree or for any other award or joining institutional programme. A copy of the certificate to this effect (Annexure I) duly attested by Principal should be enclosed with the paper.

5.    The paper may be of 2500 to 3500 words excluding appendices. The references may be given at the end of the paper.

6.    The paper and its summary in about 500 words should be submitted in duplicate.

7.    The paper may be written in either in Hindi or in English. Names and addresses of the participants should not be written on the paper.

8.    Each copy of the paper should have a cover page giving title of the per in Hindi and English

9.    The project  report should be written in a systematic manner. Innovative papers should reflect the following:

a)    Author’s imagination creative and original thinking in selecting the problem

b)    Clearly and specifically stated title of the project in Hindi and English

c)    Rationale for designing innovative work or practice and its objectives

d)    Effective and meaningful presentation and organization of content

e)    Results/findings/inferences and conclusions in clear words

f)    Reference/bibliography

g)    Any supporting data/documents/tests, etc. used

h)    Educational implications of the practice or experiment, especially utility for teachers, teacher-educators, students, student-teachers, parents and society

i)    Applicability of results in the field

j)    Cost effectiveness in the implementation of the practice.

10.    The paper/project should be forwarded through Principal to the Assistant Commissioner of the concerned region. Any paper/project received directly by KVS (HQrs) will not be considered.

11.    A participant receiving the award in a particular year will not be eligible for the cash prize in the next two subsequent years. However, certificate for the paper, if selected, shall be awarded.

12.    The KVS reserves the right to use the selected papers in any manner it deems fit.

13.    In all matters pertaining to the competition, the decision of the KVS shall be final and binding on the participants.

14.    The papers shall not be returned to the authors.

15.    Its extension in the teaching-learning situation in other Kendriya Vidyalayas should also be kept in mind at the regional level.

16.    The evaluation scheme would be a three their scheme, first, at the regional level and second at the ZIET level and finally at Kendriya Vidyalya Sangathan (HQrs) level involving the experts.

17.    The composition of committee at the regional level consists of 3 members: Assistant Commissioner of the region as Chairman, an Education Officer and an expert from other bodies. Committee will evolve its own criteria on evaluation.

18.    The selected proposals at Regional Office will be sent to the Kendriya Vidtyalaya Sangathan (Hqrs) to be scrutinized by a team of 5 academicians consisting of Joint Commissioner (Acad), Deputy Commissioner (Acad)/DC (Trg) and two experts from NCERT/SCERT/CBSE/reputed  colleges etc. The evaluation of the papers will be broadly based on following criteria.

S.NoQuality Check ListBroad weightage

in Marks

1Author’s Imagination, creativity and original think in selecting the problem10
2Rationale for designing innovative work for practice10
3Presentation & Organization of content10
4Survey of Primary/Secondary Sources and their use in explaining the problem10
5Quality of analysis of the problem using supporting data/documents/tests15
6Educational Implications of the practice or experiment20
7Applicability of result in the field and other areas of educational interest20
8Degree of cost effectiveness in the implementation of the practice05

19 Awards

Category of AwardsNo. of AwardsAmount
Primary10Rs. 5000/- each
Secodnary/Sr.Secondary10Rs. 5000/- each
  • For the year 2007-08 KVS(HQ) awarded 15 teachers and 19 teachers were awarded in 2008-09 under this scheme.

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