Activities for Developing Spoken and Written Language


  1. Providing opportunities to children for free conversation among themselves and between the teachers.
  2. Providing opportunities for listening to the recorded programmes of songs, stories, dramas, etc.
  3. Providing opportunities for participation in story telling, dramatization, etc.
  4. Providing opportunities for recitation of nursery rhymes and singing of songs.
  5. Providing opportunities to children to associate sounds with appropriate pictures of trees, birds, animals, objects, etc.
  6. Making use of story telling for promoting language development.
  7. Preparing a list of difficult words involving similar syllables or consonant clusters and helping children to correct pronunciation.
  8. Asking children to practice the repeated usage in different situations.
  9. Providing opportunities to children with songs and choruses, dances and music to enchant them.
  10. Providing opportunities to children to listen to other media like radio.
  11. Providing opportunities to children to read pictures.
  12. Asking children to find out small differences in two or more similar pictures.
  13. Asking children to name the particular action in the pictures, e.g., whether an animal is standing, sitting, running, etc.
  14. Presenting suitable aids and materials for identification, discrimination, and to develop reading readiness of children.

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