A global workforce

87% of all international job opportunities for Indian engineers are available in Middle East and North Africa. The other top locations are US, Singapore, Germany and Australia. According to Rajeeb Biswas, director, HR and Administration, Q3 Technologies, Middle East and North Africa are regions with fairly robust economies and significant employment potential, as these regions lack the education infrastructure needed to produce large volumes of skilled workers. These regions, therefore, provide excellent career opportunities to engineering graduates from India. “Countries like the US, Singapore, Germany and Australia are also witnessing economic growth and are continuing to create additional demand for skilled engineering graduates. While the education infrastructure of these countries is excellent and produces a large number of skilled resources locally, the demand outweighs the supply and engineering graduates from India continue to find good career opportunities there,” stated Biswas. Chris Traynor, career adviser, Newcastle University, UK, is of the opinion that engineers are in demand wherever anything is being manufactured, built, developed, improved, repaired, designed, decommissioned and transported. As a result, engineers are in demand globally and particularly in all of the major industrial economies.

He states that in the UK, engineers are among the most sought-after graduates and indeed, demand of good quality engineering graduates, with strong employability skills, outstrips supply, according to a recent report by the Royal Academy of Engineers. “Mechanical, electrical, electronic, civil and chemical engineers are in demand by employers,” Traynor adds.

“In addition to requirements within the engineering profession, many graduate recruiters from other sectors such as finance, IT, logistics, and business also regularly look for engineering graduates, for their strong problem-solving, numerical and logical reasoning skills,” Traynor adds.

“While the Middle East and North Africa attract a large number of chemical, mechanical and computer engineers, US, Europe and Australia attract computer, software and biotech engineers,” states Biswas.

According to Muralidharan, a large number of mechanical and automobile engineers opt for Germany because the country is known for excellence in automotive engineering. Singapore offers immense opportunities to candidates with a financial engineering degree.

Talking about career opportunities abroad after a BTech in biotechnology, Ashish S Verma, professor of biotechnology, Amity University, adds, “The most common areas in demand are sales and marketing and support staff to any private company involved in biotechnology products.”

He believes that a higher degree like MTech would open up avenues in the areas of production and quality control. A biotech engineer, with expertise in IPR, can pursue legal practices for IPR and patent services abroad, which will be in demand in the future.

“We, being an IT company, look for technically strong candidates in areas such as software development using .Net, Java and PHP. We also look for skills in areas such as SharePoint development, Microsoft Dynamics, CRM and Ecommerce platforms like Hybris. Another area where we see significant international demand is cross platform mobile development and Big Data Analytics,” states Biswas.

According to him, the compensation varies from one geographical area to another. However, they see a range anywhere between Rs 50 Lakh to upwards of Rs 1 crore per annum, for international positions.

Highlighting their soft skills requirements, Biswas explains that for international positions, candidates must have good communication skills, presentation skills and general cultural awareness.

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