3 Things You Must Learn From FIFA World Cup 2014

Lessons to Learn from Soccer World Cup at Brazil


Now that’s Germany has registered a stunning win in the FIFA World Cup 2014, let’s have a look at the three important life lessons we can learn from this global football event:

Lesson 1: Never accept defeat before you are defeated!

No European team had ever won the Soccer World Cup in the Americas. On top of it, Italy had won the Soccer World Cup in 2006 and Spain was the Champion in 2010. Countries from the same continent had never been able to pick up three successive World Cups. Argentina, the other team in the FIFA World Cup finals had Golden Ball winner Lionel Messi too. And yet, Germany never gave up. It emerged stronger with each successive match.

When you join a new class or study a new subject, you might have the advantage of being a ‘champion’ right from the beginning. But class-by-class, test-by-test, you can try to improve yourself. Keep your eyes on the World Cup (your final exams, your test scores, or your career goal) and keep inching up.

Lesson 2: Techniques and Technologies matter

This year, for the first time, goal-line technology was used to avoid ghost goals at the Football World Cup. Vanishing foam was also used for the first time at the World Cup Finals to mark where ball is to be placed for a free kick and the 10-yard line for the defending time. There were cooling breaks in Brazil for the players too.

Just imagine a good soccer player caught unawares about these developments in the World Cup! Wouldn’t that be a shock to him? Wouldn’t it affect his performance and the way he plays?

So, my friend, it is important for you know to read the Information Brochure carefully and know if the syllabus of the exam, exam pattern, or the scoring pattern of the exam has changed. Also ready through eligibility criteria of the exam carefully.

Lesson 3: Master your Mood!

To become a football champion, you have to be highly disciplined and learn to take life’s ups-and-downs with a pinch of salt.

As a student too, we need to work on our emotional intelligence and learn to be consistent. Whether we are preparing revision notes, solving practice papers or testing ourselves with a past year paper – each exercise is important part of our study schedule.

Remember that and emerge as a Champion/Topper!

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