Career as actuary

An actuary is an expert who applies statistical and mathematical methods to assess financial and other risks relating to various contingent events such as mortality, sickness, injury, retirement and property loss from theft, accident, fire or any other hazard. An actuary uses data analysis for valuation of financial products in the field of insurance, retirement … Read moreCareer as actuary

Career as jewellery designer

A jewellery designer is a visionary and a crucial part of business today, as the market has evolved considerably. While s/he designs with a strong sense of aesthetics, it’s imperative to have knowledge of the right techniques, especially production. A jewellery designer can have his or her own business or get associated with a brand, … Read moreCareer as jewellery designer

Teaching in schools

Teaching in schools is not what it used to be in India. There is increased emphasis now on pedagogies and approaches. While public schools which came into existence in the Raj era and other prestigious institutes are still a big draw for students, the demand for good education has fuelled the growth of international schools … Read moreTeaching in schools

airport designer’s career

Gateway of a city: Airports aren’t just portals anymore, they convey the first impression about places.Shown below is the bronze statue of Buddha at IGI Terminal 3 which depicts the traditional aspect of India   The lowdown Airports aren’t just portals between destinations. They convey first impressions about places. An airport designer’s career has become … Read moreairport designer’s career

Career in Wood science and technology (WST)

Wood science and technology (WST) is aimed at efficient utilisation of timber. Basically, wood technologists use their know-how to manage and improve wood and wood products. They are trained in wood physics, chemistry and anatomy, timber mechanics and engineering, wood seasoning (drying), wood preservation, wood working (machining operations) and finishing, saw milling, product design, composite … Read moreCareer in Wood science and technology (WST)

Career as Radio jockeys (RJ)

Radio jockeys (RJ) are the glue that holds a radio station together. Their job includes music programming, scripting, presenting radio shows, radio advertisements and lending voice to audio magazines and documentaries. As per a PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) report, the radio sector is estimated to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19% during 2009-13. … Read moreCareer as Radio jockeys (RJ)

Career as special educator, qualified to train and teach children with disabilities

Patience is the key: Children with disabilities take time to respond, so special educators shouldn’t expect instant rewards   The lowdown A special educator is qualified to train and teach children with disabilities. These include children with intellectual impairment, cerebral palsy, physical disabilities, auditory impairment, autism and behavioural and learning disorders. A special educator basically … Read moreCareer as special educator, qualified to train and teach children with disabilities

Career as Diet manager

A nutritionist studies food from the time of harvest till it is consumed. Nutritionists carry out qualitative analysis of the food being consumed. They are experts in clinical and nutritional matters, and asses the dietary needs of clients. With changing lifestyles and food habits the importance of nutritionists has increased manifold. They have to take … Read moreCareer as Diet manager

Lord of numbers career in Statistics

  One for all: Statistics is a subject used almost everywhere — academics, insurance, software development, market research and pharmaceuticals   The lowdown Statistics is the science of applying mathematical principles to gather, analyse and present numerical data in a usable manner. This 17th century science finds use in diverse fields such as agriculture, medicine, … Read moreLord of numbers career in Statistics

Life particle Career in Microbiology

  Worth mentioning: Microbiology has become one of the fastest growing areas of science and is a booming sector with a lot of opportunities   The lowdown Microbiology is the study of micro-organisms present in the environment. Earlier, it was a dormant field but recent advances in molecular biology (accompanied with new generation sequencing technologies) … Read moreLife particle Career in Microbiology