UPSC Syllabus 2017

UPSC Syllabus 2017


The UPSC IAS Mains Exam 2016 contains 9 Papers out of which 2 Papers are in Qualifying nature while the other 7 are based on merit Ranking. The Subjects in those Papers are described below.

S.No.Name of the Paper.Name of the Subject.
1.Paper – A.Indian Languages.
2.Paper – B.English.
3.Paper – I.Essay.
4.Paper – II.General Studies – I.
5.Paper – III.General Studies – II.
6.Paper – IV.General Studies – III.
7.Paper – V.General Studies – IV.
8.Paper – VI.Optional Subject (Paper – 1).
9.Paper – VII.Optional Subject (Paper – 2).


Paper I : Indian Language

The Indian Languages according to the IAS Civil Services UPSC Mains signifies the Languages which are present in the 8th Schedule to the Indian Constitution. The Script to be used by the Candidates will be based on the Language he or she selects for the Paper A of Indian Languages. The Paper A (Indian Language) in the UPSC IAS Mains is not compulsory for the Candidates who belong to the North-Eastern States such as Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur, Assam, Tripura.

Topics in Indian Language (Paper – I):

  • Comprehensive Type of Questions related to the Given Passage.
  • Short Essay.
  • Vocabulary & Usage.
  • Precise Writing (in other words, making a summary).
  • Translation from English to the Selected Indian Language and Vice Versa.

The List of the Languages as well as the Scripts to be used for the respective Languages are given below here.

S.No.Name of the Language.Script.
11.Santhali.Ol chiki or Devanagari.
20.Sindhi.Arabic or Devanagari.


Paper II: English

  • Comprehensive Type of Questions related to the Given Passage.
  • Short Essay.
  • Vocabulary & Usage.
  • Precise Writing (in other words, making a summary).


Paper III: Essay

The Candidates are given some Topics. They have to write Essays on those Given Topics in Brief. They Shouldn’t deviate from the Given Topics. The Essay can be Written in the Language selected by the Candidates. The Candidates have to write the Essay in Orderly manner briefly.


Paper IV: General Studies – I

  • Indian Culture: Architecture, Literature, Art Form since the Ancient Times.
  • Modern Indian History from the Eighteenth Century till Present Significant events & Issues.
  • The Freedom Struggle of the Country: Different Stages and Contributions from various Parts of the Country.
  • Post Independence: Consolidation as well as Reorganization within the Country.
  • History of the World: Events taking place since 18th Century; Industrial Revolution, Colonization & Decolonization, etc.., Political Changes such as Capitalism, Socialism, etc.., Effects of these Changes on the Society.
  • Indian Society, Diversity in India: Salient Features.
  • Geography of the World & its Salient Features.
  • The Concepts of Communalism, Secularism, Social Empowerment, Regionalism, etc.
  • Distribution of key Natural Resources all over the World, etc.


Paper V: General Studies – II

  • Governance
  • Constitution
  • Polity
  • Social Justice.
  • Internal Relations.

Paper VI: General Studies – III

  • Technology.
  • Economic Development.
  • Disaster Management.
  • Environmental.
  • Security.
  • Bio-Diversity.


Paper V: General Studies – IV

  • Aptitude.
  • Ethics.
  • Integrity.


Paper VI: Optional Subject (Paper – 1)

The Candidates have to select the Optional Subject. The Questions asked in this Paper depends on the Subject selected by the Candidate.


Paper VI: Optional Subject (Paper – 2)

The Candidates have to select the Optional Subject. The Questions asked in this Paper depends on the Subject selected by the Candidate.

Optional Subjects: The Candidates have to select two subjects as Optional Subjects. The Optional Subjects are as follows.

  • Agriculture
  • Anthropolgy
  • Chemistry
  • Commerce & Accountancy.
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Electrical Engineering.
  • Geology
  • Law
  • Mathematics
  • Medical Science.
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Zoology
  • Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Scienc
  • Botany
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Management
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science & International Relations.
  • Public Administration.
  • Statistics







S.No.Name of the Paper.Name of the Subject.Questions will be asked in medium of.No.of Questions to be asked.Marks.Duration of the Exam.
1.Paper – I.General Studies.English & Hindi.100 Questions.200 Marks.2 Hours.
2.Paper – II.General Ability or Aptitude.English & Hindi.80 Questions.200 Marks.2 Hours.
Total.180 Questions.400 Marks.4 Hours.

Note: The Paper I & Paper II in the UPSC IAS Civil Services Exam will be conducted in two Sessions.

The Exam Pattern of the UPSC IAS Exam Civil Services Mains Examination 2016-2017 is as follows:

The UPSC IAS Civil Services Mains Exam is a written examination which contains 9 Papers. The Paper A as well as Paper B are Qualifying nature. The Papers Which are considered for Ranking are Paper I, Paper II, Paper III, Paper IV, Paper V, Paper VI and Paper VII which include the papers of optional Subjects. The Candidates can select the Medium of Hindi or English for the UPSC Civils IAS Mains exam 2016-2017. The Final Ranking of the Candidates is done based on the marks that Students have obtained in their Mains as well as in Personality Test or an Interview. We will let you understand more clearly by providing you the Exam Pattern as under.

S. No.Name of the Paper.Name of the Subject.Nature of the Paper.Duration of the Exam.Medium in which Questions are askedMarks.
1.Paper – A.Indian Language.Qualifying Nature.3 Hours.Only in English.300 Marks.
2.Paper – B.English Language.3 Hours.Hindi & English.300 Marks.
3.Paper – I.Essay.Merit Ranking Nature.3 Hours.Hindi & English.250 Marks.
4.Paper – II.General Studies – I.3 Hours.Hindi & English.250 Marks.
5.Paper – III.General Studies – II.3 Hours.Hindi & English.250 Marks.
6.Paper – IV.General Studies – III.3 Hours.Hindi & English.250 Marks.
7.Paper – V.General Studies – IV.3 Hours.Hindi & English.250 Marks.
8.Paper – VI.Optional Subject (Paper – I).3 Hours.Hindi & English.250 Marks.
9.Paper – VII.Optional Subject (Paper – II).3 Hours.Hindi & English.250 Marks.
  Total.   1,750 Marks.
  Interview or Personality Test.   275 Marks.
Grand Total.2,025 Marks.


  • The Indian Languages pertain to the Languages which are mentioned in the 8th Schedule to the Indian Constitution.
  • The Candidates who are qualified in the Mains as well as the Interview or the Personality Test will be Selected on the basis of Merit Ranking on the Marks they have attained in the UPSC IAS Mains as well as Interview.



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